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Microwave Applications

Applications and Advantages of Microwave Processing

1. Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Chemical Industries

Being both gentle towards even the most sensitive products and rapid in their drying processes, microwave processing has successfully replaced many conventional heating and drying techniques in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industries. Products processed by microwave have better nutrient retention or potency. Industrial microwave can be applied in the following areas: -

DRYING of products that contain heat sensitive chemicals, such as mosquito coils and medicines in tablet or capsule forms
CONCENTRATING of heat-sensitive liquid medicines and chemical solutions
SOLVENT REMOVAL - many solvents other than water can be vaporized below their flashing points by microwave
STERILIZING of health-care product such as potent drinks

2. Other examples of microwave applications

Microwave has also been successfully used for many applications, such as tempering of frozen foods, ruuber profile vulcanization, etc. So, please call us today if you have an idea, we may be able to design a custom system that meets your needs.

Rubber Profile

An 11kW Microwave Dryer, specially designed for Department of Chemical Engineering, University Technology of Malaysia, was successfully commissioned.

WA Microwave Dryer, suitable for drying of slice or granular materials, such as mosquito coils, tibbit, animal feeds, etc.



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