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Latex FoamWood

Drying application
Our microwave wood dryers are not meant to replace conventional dryers. They are most suitable for:-

 Microwave wood dryer offers the following benefits:-


Evenly Dried Products
Microwave energy works exactly where it is needed. It has the advantage of selectively applying heat to wood mass and acting through the whole thickness. So, the wood dries very evenly throughout its volume.

Reduced Drying Defects
Conventional kiln drying tends to dry wood from the outside in, creating stresses in the fibers that can cause them to collapse and separate, resulting in longitudinal cracking and loss of strength. With our microwave dryer, temperature and moisture levels between wood core and its surface is quickly evened out and the probability of checking and warping is greatly reduced.

Natural Colour and Texture
With microwave energy, drying is gently and efficiently carried out at relatively low temperature. As a result, there is neither heat discolouration or chemical oxidation in the end products. The microwave-dried wood retains its natural colour and texture.

Increased Product Durability
Microwave kills bacteria, fungi, insects and their eggs that may be present in wood. Coupled with suitable wood preservatives, microwave is an effective sterilizing treatment that will significantly increase the service life of wood products.


Shorter Production Cycle
Microwave dryer can turn green lumber into dried products in days, reducing the costs associated with storing large volumes of wood due to long drying duration by conventional kiln-dried method. The shorter production cycle also lowers the risk of degradation from fungal attack.

Flexible Production, Simple Operation & Maintenance
The conveyor system allows for more flexibility in loading the variety of lumber lengths without sacrificing the dryer's capacity. Neither complicated kiln schedules nor tedious stickering of lumber are required. Maintenance of our dryer is relatively simple compared with conventional kilns.

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