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on Microwave applications

What is microwave?

Microwave is a form of electromagnetic energy that travels at the speed of light. Metal surfaces reflect microwave but substances that contain polar molecules like water, protein and fat absorb it. It causes these molecules to vibrate at a high frequency, thus producing a volume heating effect.

How safe is the microwave processing equipment?

Microwaves generated in our equipment is similar to those in radar equipment, cellular phones, television and radio communication, all are non-ionizing radiant energy. They do not have the damaging and cumulative effects of ionizing radiation, such as x-ray and gamma ray. Because microwave energy released is absorbed by substance as soon as it penetrates the later, there is no residual radiation remaining in the substance when it is turned off. At the frequency of 2450MHz, the microwave in our equipment will simply cause the dipole molecules to oscillate, creating intermolecular friction which produces heat. With the unique internal protection features that trap stray microwaves and the safety interlock system, our microwave processing equipment is completely safe to operate.

Applications and Advantages of Microwave Processing

2. Food and Beverage Industry

Microwave is an efficient means to heat, dry and sterilize most food products. Compared with conventional method, microwave processing offers the following advantages: -

3. Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Chemical Industries

Being both gentle towards even the most sensitive products and rapid in their drying processes, microwave processing has successfully replaced many conventional heating and drying techniques in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industries. Products processed by microwave have better nutrient retention or potency. Industrial microwave can be applied in the following areas: -

DRYING of products contain heat sensitive chemicals, such as mosquito coils.
CONCENTRATING of heat-sensitive liquid medicines and chemical solutions.
SOLVENT REMOVAL - many solvents other than water can be vaporized below their flashing points by microwave.
STERILIZING of health-care product such as potent drinks.

4. Wood Processing, Glass Fiber and Textiles Industries

Microwave dryer can produce high quality of dried lumbers faster than the conventional kilns. Compactness of the equipment also saves factory floor space. It is particularly suitable for finish drying because microwave dryer can easily remove the last few percents of moisture from the interior quickly and effectively, without damaging the almost dried lumbers.

5. Other examples of microwave applications

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